As a senior Accessory designer and production Manager, I have overseen a comprehensive spectrum of tasks that ensure the smooth transition of design concepts into tangible products. At the onset, I meticulously prepared artwork for printing, ensuring that each design met the requisite quality and aesthetic standards. Utilizing my knowledge with Adobe, I have been adept at creating CADs, bringing design visions to life with accuracy and precision. A significant portion of my role also involved the creation of detailed tech packs, which serve as pivotal communication tools with our vendors. These tech packs encapsulate everything from fabric specifications to material and print details, ensuring that our designs are impeccably reproduced in production. I managed the entire production process, right from the initial design phase to sampling and the culmination of finished production. This encompassed quality checks, timeline management, and consistent vendor communication, guaranteeing that the end product is not only of supreme quality but also delivered on time.

Ripndip Accessories